UNODC contributed to IAEA's International Conference on Nuclear Security: Commitments and Actions

UNODC participated in the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) International Conference on Nuclear Security: Commitments and Actions held in Vienna, Austria, from 5 to 9 December 2016, as a cooperating organization. Two thousand participants, including around 50 Ministers from more than 130 IAEA Member States and 17 international, regional and non-governmental organizations participated in the conference. UNODC/TPB Chief a.i. delivered a presentation at the High Level Session entitled the International Legal Instruments for Nuclear Security: Universalization and Implementation of Binding International Legal Instruments, in which he provided an overview of UNODC's contribution to the topic and of technical assistance available. He also took part in the panel discussion on Achieving universalization and implementation of international legal instruments for nuclear security, in which he shared UNODC's experiences un promoting universalization and implementation.

The Ministerial Declaration adopted at the conference encourages IAEA Member States to become parties to the Amended CPPNM and to the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism (ICSANT). UNODC continues to provide assistance aimed at achieving universalization, legislative incorporation at the national level and effective implementation of both instruments.