Specialist training on investigating terrorism cases while upholding human rights and the rule of law for Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon

Conforming to international human rights standards and upholding the rule of law are key to the successful investigation and prosecution of terrorist activities. That is why the UNODC Terrorism Prevention Branch (UNODC/TPB) offers technical assistance to member states in order to promote the necessary local capabilities and skills.

Under the sub regional project for enhancing the capacity of criminal justice and law enforcement officers from Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon on using special investigation techniques in the investigations of terrorism and other serious crimes, generously funded by the government of Denmark, TPB/UNODC implemented two specialized hands-on trainings for officers from the three beneficiary countries.

The two training sessions took place in Amman from 9 to 18September 2017 and in Beirut from 13 to 22 September 2017. Each training brought together twenty Lebanese, Jordanian and Iraqi law enforcement representatives and judges. The exchange of information and good practices on the use of special investigative techniques and analysis of intelligence information in accordance with the rule of law and human rights were at the center of discussions during this event.

Experts provided participants with an intensive training on the use of advanced methods, on techniques for data collection, such as open source intelligence, and on the use of advanced data analysis tools. 

Lebanese, Jordanian and Iraqi officials enhanced their capabilities to address terrorist threats better by using new investigation techniques and criminal intelligence analysis tools. Outstanding interaction and discussion took place among the participants and the experts. Participants commended the usefulness of the training for their daily challenges and the positive impact it will have for their implementation of a preventative counter terrorism strategy.

The participants of the event requested follow up engagements and further UNODC/TPB specialized technical assistance activities aimed at strengthening the capacity of state authorities and officials to counter terrorism.