Expansion of I-24/7 System and Operational Training for Bangladesh

UNODC's Terrorism Prevention Branch and INTERPOL delivered a joint operational training session on the use of the I-24/7 Global Police Communications System. The training took place as part of an inter-organizational initiative which aims to strengthen the capacity of relevant authorities in selected Asian countries to identify and interdict foreign terrorist fighters through improved access, collaboration and analysis of related information, including through use of INTERPOL's I-24/7 platform and was conducted in Dhaka on 18-21 March 2018.

Following the identification of priority points and expansion work, the operational training was developed to provide front-line law enforcement officers, including from immigration services, with both legal and practical knowledge relevant to the identification of foreign terrorist fighters. International experts provided an overview of the international legal framework applicable to foreign terrorist fighters, investigative strategies at border crossings, and relevant international and regional good practices. 

Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the use of the platform through practical scenarios, including the application of identification indicators (e.g. physical, behavioral and others), combining different investigative strategies to collect relevant information, and access and consult the I-24/7 system. In addition, a practical exercise also took place.