UNODC Strengthens Capacity to Enhance Border Security in Bangladesh


UNODC delivered a workshop for Bangladesh on enhancing information sharing and the use of advance passenger information (API) and passenger name record (PNR), biometrics and other data for border security in Dhaka on 9-10 October 2019. The workshop was organized under UNODC's project on implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2396 (2017), funded by the U.S. Government

The two-day event brought together nearly 20 government officials and experts from different government agencies to enhance information sharing and the use of API/PNR, biometrics and other data for border security.

The tailor-made training conducted by international experts from various international organizations covered a range of specialized topics, such as UN Security Council Resolution 2396 (2017), the use of INTERPOL's tools and services, planning and deployment of API/PNR systems, the application and use of biometric data, watchlists and other selected topics. The event also offered a platform for participants to share knowledge and best practices on the setup and deployment of API/PNR systems while ensuring the protection of personal data and privacy.

Bangladeshi officials expressed their interest in implementing API/PNR systems, using national, regional and international databases, strengthening cross-border collaboration, as well as information and data exchange. The officials also expressed their desire to continue their cooperation with UNODC in preventing transnational crime and terrorism.

UNODC will continue to closely coordinate with the beneficiary country and experts regarding future activities related to this topic.