Responding to maritime-related terrorism in Viet Nam

UNODC's Terrorism Prevention Branch (UNODC/TPB), in partnership with the International Maritime Organization and INTERPOL, conducted a consultative mission and contingency planning table top exercise for Viet Nam on transport related (maritime) terrorism, in Hải Phòng, Viet Nam on 9-10 January 2019.

The event brought together officials from a variety of government entities of Viet Nam, including from the ministries of foreign affairs, justice and public security. During the course of the event, several innovative practical case scenarios on topics related to maritime counter-terrorism were conducted, including the transport of weapons of mass destruction and precursors by non-State actors by the sea.

Responding to the requests of participants who partook in previous table-top exercises, UNODC/TPB also delivered dedicated sessions on the international legal framework against maritime terrorism, and the United Nations framework on countering the financing of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by non-State actors. The aforementioned sessions built on the information provided during the practical case scenarios further highlighted the intersection of these two issues.

A key achievement of the workshop was the stimulation of discussions among representatives of different government departments and agencies, and the demonstration of the need for good communication, understanding and cooperation amongst them. The promotion of a multi-agency, 'whole-of-government' approach to counter-terrorism is an essential part of the work of UNODC/TPB and continues to inform future events. 

The event was conducted under UNODC/TPB's project on "Strengthening National Capacity to implement Transport-Related (Maritime) Counter-Terrorism International Legal Instruments in selected South and South-East Asian Countries," funded by the Government of Japan.