68 Strengthening the Global Fight against CBRN Terrorism through Raising Awareness and Promoting Ratification and Implementation of International Legal Frameworks related to Nuclear Security
69 Promoting universalization and effective implementation of the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism (ICSANT)
70 Building the Capacity of Member States to prevent, detect and investigate terrorist offences and related travel by using API-PNR (led by UNOCT, implemented with CTED, ICAO, UNODC, OICT and INTERPOL)
71 Strengthening the Capacity of Central Authorities and Counter-Terrorism Prosecutors in Obtaining Digital Evidence from Private Communication Service Providers in Counter-Terrorism Matters (UNODC, CTED, IAP)
72 The role of parliaments in addressing terrorism and violent extremism leading to terrorism (UNOCT, UNODC, IPU)
73 lmproving Member States' ability to develop, adopt and implement comprehensive, coherent and tailored PRR approaches in relation to all persons allegedly associated with terrorist groups.
74 Preventing and Responding to Violence against Children by Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups
75 Strengthening Countries' Capacities to Implement Domestic and International Sanctions Regimes and Prevent the Financing of Terrorism