Middle East

24 Supporting victims of terrorism within the criminal justice framework, including through psychological support Sahel
25 Strengthening the Legal Regime against Terrorism in Iraq Iraq
26 Promoting the role of Iraqi women officials to counter terrorism in Iraq Iraq
27 Strengthening Iraqi Institutions to Counter the Financing of Terrorism Iraq
28 Responding to violent extremism and terrorism, focusing on a tailored approach towards rehabilitating children perceived as associated/affiliated with ISIL in Iraq Iraq
29 Criminal Justice Responses to Foreign Terrorist Fighters for Middle East and North Africa Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia
30 Strengthening the criminal justice measures in Lebanon against the potential recruitment and infiltration of terrorist militants among the refugee population Lebanon
31 Reinforcing Morocco’s capacity of resilience to new terrorist financing threats Morocco
32 New capacity-building initiative in Morocco for effective investigation and trial management standards for youngsters, women and family members involved in terrorist activities including returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters and relocators Morocco
33 UNODC-Naif Arab University for Security Sciences Project to Support and Strengthen counter-terrorism capacity of GCC and Arab States in accordance with international standards and human rights Gulf and Arab States