Volume B is designed to help practitioners provide high quality psychological support and services to patients/clients suffering from drug use disorders. Focusing on practical aspects, this volume contains many interactive exercises, which are aimed to help participants expand their pool of methods, techniques, tools and enhance practical skills.

Module 1 provides an introduction to what dependence and addiction are, highlights main principles of drug dependence treatment and introduces a basic set of counselling skills. It also emphasises certain aspects of involving families in the process of drug dependence treatment. Module 2 focuses on principles and techniques of Motivational Interviewing and teaches how to employ them in clinical settings. Module 3 familiarises with cognitive behavioural therapy and relapse prevention methods and strategies, as well as provides practical advice regarding their implementation in clinical settings.


All powerpoint presentations and pre/post-assessment tests are password protected.


Module 1: Drug dependence and basic counselling skills

Workshop 1: Biology of drug dependence

Workshop 2: Principles of drug dependence treatment

Workshop 3: Basic counselling skills for drug dependence treatment

Workshop 4: Special considerations when involving families in drug dependence treatment


Module 2: Motivating clients for treatment and addressing resistance

Workshop 1: Approaches to change

Workshop 2: Principles of Motivational Interviewing

Workshop 3: How to use motivational skills in clinical settings


Module 3: Cognitive behavioural and relapse prevention strategies

Workshop 1: Basic concepts of cognitive behavioural therapy and relapse prevention

Workshop 2: Cognitive behavioural strategies

Workshop 3: Methods for using cognitive behavioural strategies


Trainer's Toolkit:

1. Trainee Satisfaction Survey

2. Pre/post-assessment test Module 1 (password-protected)

3. Pre/post-assessment test Module 2 (password-protected)

4. Pre/post-assessment test Module 3 (password-protected)

5. Handout Module 1 Workshop 1: Change Plan Worksheet

6. Handout Module 2 Workshop 2: Pros, Cons and What Cost form

7. Handout Module 2 Workshop 3: Affirmations and Reflection

8. Handout Module 2 Workshop 3: Gordon's Roadblocks

9. Handout Module 2 Workshop 3: OARS Form

10. Handout Module 3 Workshop 1: Functional Analysis Form

11. Handout Module 3 Workshop 2: Trigger - Use

12. Handout Module 3 Workshop 2: External and Internal Trigger Form

13. Handout Module 3 Workshop 3: Daily/Hourly Schedule Form

14. Trainer's Toolkit



Elements of Drug Dependence Treatment

for participants

for trainers


Basics of Addiction, Screening, Assessment, Treatment Planning and Care Coordination

for participants

for trainers


Elements of Psychological Treatment

for participants


Pharmacological Treatment for Drug Use Disorders

Drug Treatment for Special Populations

for participants

for trainers


Management of Drug Dependence Treatment Services

for participants

for trainers


Therapeutic Community: An approach to drug treatment

for participants

for trainers