In our determination to combat wildlife and forest crime we have developed informative material aiming not only to raise awareness of the issues but to build technical assistance. Some of our publications are presented below.


Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime

Annual Report 2019 




Wildlife Crime Scene Guide for First Responders 

This Guide is available in English upon request and will soon be available in French




Scaling Back Corruption: A Guide on Addressing Corruption for Wildlife Management Authorities


Rotten Fish: A Guide on Addressing Corruption in the Fisheries Sector

English - French - Spanish

Guide on Drafting Legislation to Combat Wildlife Crime

English - French

ICCWC Indicator Framework for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime: Assessment Guidelines and Template

English - French - Spanish





Best Practice Guide for Forensic Timber Identification

English - Chinese




  Law Enforcement Best Practice Flow Diagram for Timber







Corruption and Wildlife Crime






Financial Flows from Wildlife Crime






Guidelines on Methods and Procedures for Ivory Sampling and

Laboratory Analysis English






Wildlife and Forest Crime

Analytic Toolkit English, French, Spanish



Analytic Toolkit Factsheet English, French, Spanish


ICCWC Report 2013


Environmental Crime

The Trafficking of Wildlife and Timber Factsheet


Wildlife and Forest Crime

Informative Flyer