These United Nations resources provide policy references and practical guidance on mainstreaming human rights.


UNODC resources

Position Paper on UNODC and the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (2012)
  Note by the Executive Director on Drug control, crime prevention and criminal justice: A Human Rights perspective (2010)


Resources from other UN entities  


Human Rights Due Diligence Policy on UN Support to Non-UN Security Forces - Guidance note and text of the policy (2015)
UNDG - Mainstreaming Human Rights in Development - Stories from the Field (2013) 
OHCHR - Human Rights Indicators: A Guide to Measurement and Implementation (2012) 
OHCHR - A Human Rights-based Approach to Data: Leaving No One Behind in the 2030 Development Agenda (2018) 
  UNEG - Integrating Human Rights and Gender Equality in Evaluations (2013) 
  Universal Human Rights Index 
  Ratification status for human rights treaties 
OHCHR - Human rights in the response to HIV (2019)