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Global Synthetics Monitoring: Analyses, Reporting and Trends Programme (GLOJ88) and the Global Scientific and Forensic Programme - Support Project (GLOU54)

Evaluation Brief

   Mid-term cluster
Prevention of transmission of HIV among drug users in the SAARC countries - Phase II

Evaluation Brief

Looking Beyond: Towards a Strategic Engagement with Civil Society on Anti-Corruption, and Drugs and Crime Prevention - Global Anti Corruption component of GLOU68   Final
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GLO/R35 (Nigeria Segment) Nigeria-EU-UNODC-CTED Partnership on Strengthening Criminal Justice Responses for Multidimensional Security (Terrorism)   Final
XAP/X37 Sub-programme on Counter-Terrorism: East and Southeast Asia Partnership on Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism   Final
ECU/Y14 Technical and operational training of officers of the Antinarcotics Police, Community Police, Security Enforcers and community leaders   Final
MEX/Z44 Systematization of prevention of corruption best practices focused on child population at state level, in the framework of the State-Federation Comptrollers Permanent Commission   Final
BOL/Z18 Institutional transparency and citizen participation in local governance ( Spanish)   Final
BOL/Y15 Prevention of drug abuse in educational communities of Bolivia (Spanish)   Final
XAW/U72 Establishment of real-time operational communication between international airports in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa   Mid-term
RER/V07 - Special Segment: Improving the Capacity of the National Police of Afghanistan and of Central Asian countries to tackle Drug Trafficking   Mid-term
TKM/X57 Strengthening Customs service and other law enforcement agencies' capacity in implementing border and trade control, in particular, strategic export/import control regimes under counterterrorism related international  instruments   Final
LAO/X26 Strengthening Criminal Justice Responses to Human Trafficking in Lao PDR    Final
IND/A02 Country Programme Indonesia-Sub-Programme 1: Strengthening Criminal Justice responses on Forest Crimes to Support REDD+ Implementation in Indonesia    Final
KGZ/K50 Strengthening the State Service on Drug Control of the Kyrgyz Republic - Phase I    Mid-term
BRA/X16 Expressive Youth: citizenship, access to justice and of life for young people in vulnerable situations (Spanish; Executive Summary-English)    Final
MEX/V27 Strengthening of Rule of Law in the Federal District of Mexico through its Legislative Assembly ( Final Evaluation Report    Final
PER/G34 Integrated illicit crop monitoring system in Peru (Spanish)     Mid-term
PSE/X02 Forensic Human Resource and Governance Development Assistance for the Palestinian Authority   Mid-term
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