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Unite Evaluations in a nutshell

Unite Evaluations is an integrated, web-based evaluation management and knowledge sharing application, responding to UN reforms and the SDGs. It helps track recommendations, lessons learned, and facilitates reporting on the SDGs. It has been developed over two years, is online since March 2019 and is based on its Lotus Notes predecessor application which UNODC used and continously improved when managing over 180 evaluations since 2013.

The UNODC Independent Evaluation Section developed Unite Evaluations in close cooperation with the Enterprise Application Center (EAC), and continous engagement of other evaluation functions through UNEG. Funding was provided by Sweden, Norway, the United States, and Germany.


Unite Evaluations contributes to the delivery of all three IES pillars of work by:

  • responding to the UN reforms by increasing transparency and accountability at all levels;
  • implementing aspects of the UN Secretary-General's Strategy on New Technologies;
  • strengthening evaluation capacity within and outside of UNODC by introducing fully transparent workflows;
  • generating knowledge on an aggregate level vis-à-vis the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as UNODC's Sub-Programmes;
  • increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of evaluation processes;
  • disseminating evaluation results to a wide audience;
  • allowing dissemination of aggregate evaluation results and lessons learned by thematic areas, region and the SDGs; and
  • tracking of and reporting on the implementation of evaluation recommendations.

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