The international community has repeatedly expressed its concern with the negative impact of the proliferation of illicit firearms in societies whether at peace or in times of war.  The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) and the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime (COP) urged Member States to ratify and fully implement the Convention and its Protocols, and requested UNODC to assist Member States in this endeavour, inter alia through the provision of legislative advise and legal drafting support, technical assistance, training and capacity building activities aimed at strengthening the capacities of States to respond to the challenges and threats posed by transnational organized crime, as well as through the development of specialized legal and operational tools. By its decision 4/6 and resolutions 5/4 and 6/2, the COP further urged States Parties to the Protocol to strengthen their national legislation in a manner consistent with this instrument, and requested UNODC to support States and facilitate technical assistance for the implementation of the Protocol.     

To this end, the Implementation Support Section (ISS) of the Organized Crime and Trafficking Branch (OCB), created in 2011 the Global Firearms Programme (GFP).


Our Five Pillars and Cross-Cutting Issues

Through the Global Firearms Programme, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is assisting governments to address the issue of illegal manufacturing of and illicit trafficking of firearms, and firearms-related criminality through a holistic and multipronged approach based on five main pillars and cross-cuting issues.                                                                             


The adoption of an adequate institutional and legislative framework at national and regional level is the first priority and condition for an effective firearms control regime... more


The Global Firearms Programme (GFP) assists and supports Member States in implementing the preventive and security measures envisaged by the Firearms Protocol... more

Tackling the illicit manufacturing of and illicit trafficking in firearms, their parts and components and ammunition requires a strong criminal justice response that includes effective enforcement... more   Both the UNTOC and the Firearms Protocol identify as their primary objective to promote, facilitate and strengthen cooperation among States to prevent and address transnational organized crime... more
The Global Firearms Programme (GFP)  promotes the acquisition of increased evidence-based knowledge on firearms trafficking trends and patterns and its transnational dimension... more   The Global Firearms Programme (GFP) engages in encouraging gender-mainstreaming, promoting human rights, and supporting the participation and oversight of civil society... more


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