Committed to the Cause: Working on the Frontline to End Human Trafficking


National anti-trafficking authority

Amina Boukamcha,
Victim Files Officer, National Anti-Trafficking Commission (INLCTP in French), Tunisia

My tasks as an officer in charge of the victim files is to detect suspected cases of human trafficking based on reports we receive. Once a victim is identified and rescued, I am also assisting them by making sure they have access to legal support.

This is only possible through the close collaboration of all entities providing victims support, such as Ministries, civil society, and international organizations.

As a social worker by training, I have over 20 years of experience in supporting people in vulnerable situations. I joined INLCTP two years ago, and since then I have been supporting victims of human trafficking.

I see my work as rewarding. Being there for the most vulnerable and helping them at a very difficult point in their lives fuels my commitment.

Even though sometimes, some situations are very difficult. A victim who passed away recently really hit me hard. But I know that I have to stay strong.

UNODC’s support to my office is remarkable. The Organization is a partner that always encourages and supports our activities and initiatives. What I appreciate the most are the trainings UNODC provides.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we had to rethink our assistance. We started to do counselling over the phone and we also provide material support such as food and clothes.

Further information

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