Youth Action

Young changemakers make a difference in their community

November 5th 2021

If you are following ‘Youth Action’, you already know that young leaders develop positive change in their community.

UNODC’s goal over the past decade has been to connect and empower young people from around the world to become advocates for substance use prevention and health promotion in their schools, communities, and youth groups. During the Youth Forum, young participants were asked to identify goals they would like to achieve in their community to prevent drug use and apply the knowledge they have gained.

The Youth Initiative has developed a number of strategies to keep youth involved and support their continued development.  Most recently, guided sessions have been held with the Youth Forum participants, which we proudly call Strategic Planning sessions to provide technical support to youth at the local level.

Each month, sessions are convened by UNODC with motivated young people to share their progress, discuss difficulties and clarify issues. These sessions are voluntary but are designed to support the sustained efforts of youth at the local level to support evidence-based substance use prevention.

UNODC Youth Initiative is proud of all the young leaders who make a positive difference in their communities, both large and small. Being able to walk the path with them and to share with you the process - and possibly inspire you - is what we are truly grateful for.

Thanks to the generous support of the Russian Federation and the Sovereign Order of Malta