Youth Action

Good things come to those who wait

February 1st 2022

The United Nations is committed to empowering youth and ensuring youth engagement at all levels. In the context of substance use prevention, the UNODC Youth Initiative provides youth with possibilities to participate and become active members of a community of young people committed to promoting and advocating for drug use prevention. It empowers them to actively engage in and learn about effective, science-based prevention and health promotion activities to support the health and well-being of their peers.

A fruitful output from the youth community in 2021 is the UNODC Youth Initiative Magazine, the ‘Butterfly Wings’. With the goal of conveying science-based substance use prevention in an effective, understandable and engaging way to any audience, the Youth Magazine was created by youth who continued to be actively engaged and eager to be heard with their work. Started out by youth participants of the Youth Forum 2021, it evolved into a youth project that was joined by “alumni” of the previous Youth Forum as well, thereby reinforcing the spirit of the Youth Initiative in expanding the youth community!

We are now proud to announce that the foundations for the third issue of the Youth Magazine is starting to be laid out. Young people from all over the world will meet weekly for the next three months to work on the next issue, share ideas and convey their perspectives to the reader in a creative and understanding way. The youth creators are from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, making it a geographically diverse group! We are also delighted to continue to see “alumni” of the previous Youth Forum advocate for drug use prevention through this creative process of the Youth Magazine.

As we wait for the next issue to come to life from our young leaders, we suggest interested readers to take a look and read the previous issues of the magazine here!

Made possible with the support of the Russian Federation and the Sovereign Order of Malta