UNODC at Work

Reliable and accurate data to address drug challenges in health and humanitarian crises 

Through the World Drug Report and other flagship publications, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) continues to uphold the highest standards in the delivery of evidence-based facts and data to both Member States and the public.

Health and humanitarian crises have further demonstrated the need for collective, evidence-based approaches to achieve a vision of health for all and bridge the gap in access to knowledge and resources that vulnerable populations far too often encounter.

UNODC contributes to making this vision a reality through its expert-led research and analysis capabilities and a global mandate that promises to leave no one behind.

The World Drug Report is the best example of UNODC’s commitment to impartial information to support evidence-based policy making and foster greater international cooperation to counter the impact of the world drug problem on health, governance and security. The report is the result of a comprehensive analysis of data from Member States, the academic community and international organizations with a view to assist Member States and the public at large to anticipate and address challenges that may arise in the new future.