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Quarterly Newsletter: The Gender Bulletin

The Gender Bulletin is an electronic newsletter published by the UNOV/UNODC Gender Team at the Office of the Executive Director. Published three times annually, it is informing UNOV/UNODC staff and Member States of relevant developments, events and news concerning gender equality and women’s empowerment at the Offices. It contains updates on on various gender related activities from UNODC Headquarters and Field Offices around the world.
The Gender Team will also share best practices of the work of colleagues, thus we encourage all UNOV/UNODC staff/entities and Gender Focal Points to contact us if you would like to share gender related activities, projects or news.
Feel free to contact the UNODC Gender Team at

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The Gender Team

Issues of the Newsletter


October - Issue 4

March - Issue 3


October - Issue 2


December - Premiere Issue