Capacity Building

The Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB) provides tailor-made technical assistance through training activities built in close consultation with the recipient country and other partner entities. The Branch works with criminal justice officials involved in the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of terrorism cases to strengthen their capacity to implement counter-terrorism legislation, in accordance with international standards and obligations as defined by the relevant international conventions and protocols. To respond to the increasingly complex nature of terrorism, the TPB has developed specialized expertise on a range of thematic areas, which provides the substantive basis for focused training initiatives on technical issues related to:


Technical Assistance Delivery Methods

The Terrorism Prevention Branch organizes regional, sub-regional and national professional development workshops for counter-terrorism practitioners, including judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials on a range of criminal justice topics related to the prevention and prosecution of terrorist acts.  These events utilize the Terrorism Prevention Branch's tailor-made capacity building tools and publications. Such events offer criminal justice officials the opportunity to exchange views, discuss best practices and share lessons learned, ultimately aiming to equip them with the very specialized skills and knowledge required to effectively prosecute terrorism cases.

TPB has developed additional innovative training tools that can be used depending on the specific needs and requirements of the requesting State.   The Branch offers on-line training courses and legal discussion forums for counter-terrorism practitioners, mock criminal investigations and mock trials, and study tours.

In addition, efforts to fight terrorism require significant coordination between all parts of government and with civil society actors. For this reason, TPB works with requesting Member States to draft and implement national counter-terrorism action plans to help create a framework for national officials to work together to address the complex nature of terrorist offenses.