1 Building the Capacity of Member States to prevent, detect and investigate terrorist offences and related travel by using API-PNR (UNOCT, UNODC and others)
2 Data Disclure Framework
3 Enhancing the Capacity of States to Adopt Human Rights based Treatment of Children affected by Terrorism, in particular, by the foreign Terrorist Fighter Phenomenon
Global Prosecution, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration (PRR) Initiative
5 Joint UN VEP Parole and Probation Project
6 Prevention and responses to right-wing violent extremism
7 Promoting the Use of Non-custodial Alternatives to Pre-trial Detention and  Imprisonment in Terrorism Cases 
8 Promoting universalization and effective implementation of the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism (ICSANT) 
9 Repository of National legislation for Implementing the Criminal Provisions of ICSANT, CPPNM and ACPPNM 
10 Strengthening Border Security and Management and Strategic Trade against transnational organized crime and terrorism, through the implementation of UNSCR 1540 
11 Strengthening Member States' capacity to discrupt terrorist networks through implementing targeted financial sanctions via UNSCR 1267&1988 and 1373 
12 Strengthening the Global Fight against CBRN Terrorism through Raising Awareness and Promoting Ratification and Implementation of International Legal Frameworks related to Nuclear Security - Phase II (UNODC, IAEA, 1540 Committee, UNODA)
13 STRIVE juvenile: Preventing and Responding to Violence against Children by Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups
14 Supporting the management of violent extremist prisoners and the prevention of radicalization to violence  (UNODC, UNCCT, UNCTED, EU)
15 The role of parliaments in addressing terrorism and violent extremism leading to terrorism (UNOCT, UNODC, IPU)