International Women's Day 2020

8 March 2020



A Gender-Responsive Approach to Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

8 November 2019

Trafficking in persons and the smuggling of migrants are often presented in an overly simplified way. The truth is that both crimes are very complex. For an effective and sustainable response, it is important to understand these complexities. A gender-responsive approach to human trafficking and migrant smuggling takes into account the different needs and circumstances of people of all genders and reveals the complexity of these crimes. This enables us to better understand patterns and trends and adapt our response accordingly. That is why we must take into account gender, age and victims' and migrants' rights to effectively combat trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants


Kicking up Confidence • CHOOSE SPORT • S3E3

21 November 2019

14-year old Malika won't let anyone push her around! Boys used to pick on her...but not anymore! Malika chose a sport that empowers her and builds her confidence.


#ANewChance in Bolivia: A Better Solution to a Safer Society

14 December 2018
Prisoners might be deprived of their freedom but not their rights! Under the Doha Declaration Global Programme, we are working to promote prisoner rehabilitation and provide inmates with #ANewChance . This documentary tells the story about how prison education and training make a difference in Bolivia.


The Global Judicial Integrity Network: Gender-Related Issues in the Judiciary

26 June 2018

Justice Shiranee Tilakawardane, a Supreme Court Justice in Sri Lanka, is interviewed by the Global Judicial Integrity Network on gender-related issues in the judiciary, including; sextortion, sexual harassment, and the under-representation of women.


Chuka: the unique video game empowering girls against gender violence

15 May 2018

"Chuka, Break the Silence" is one of UNODC's most innovative projects. The creative, bespoke video game helps young girls develop ways to respond to psychological, physical and sexual violence, while raising boys' awareness and helping them recognize such situations. By playing as the character Chuka, a 13-year old female YouTuber and gamer who encounters haters and monsters in a nightmare, children learn to be assertive and to take actions which help them defeat various forms of gender-based violence.


GLO.ACT's second annual internal field staff meeting opens in Bogotá, Colombia

18 January 2018

On the invitation of UNODC's Country Office in Colombia and with the support of the Government of Colombia and the City of Bogotá, GLO.ACT's second annual internal field staff meeting opened in Bogotá on 18 January 2018. GLO.ACT will convene its second field staff meeting from 18-25 January 2018 and the meeting will build on the foundations of the first meeting in 2016.