This booklet constitutes the third chapter of the World Drug Report 2017. It presents market analysis for the three plant-based drugs - cocaine, opiates (opium, morphine and heroin) and cannabis - and examines current estimates and trends in their cultivation and production. The section on markets also examines recent developments in, and estimates of, seizures made on major trafficking routes and in destination countries, as well as significant developments in the consumption of the plant-based drugs in all regions.
This booklet subsequently examines the major developments in the jurisdictions in the United States of America that have measures allowing cultivation of cannabis for recreational use, as well as issues surrounding the medical use of cannabis across the country. An analysis is presented of patterns and trends in cannabis use both among the adult and youth populations in those jurisdictions and in the United States as a whole. Finally, the booklet provides an update on the implementation of legislation in Uruguay regulating the recreational use of cannabis.

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