Tutoring for the G5 Sahel National Security Platform staff in Niger : a new stage in security cooperation in the Sahel

This activity was funded by Denmark and Japan

UNODC provided a first tutoring session to the staff of the national unit of the Security Cooperation Platform (PCMS) in Niamey from 23 to 25 May 2017, as part of its programme to support the operationalization of the G5 Sahel PCMS.

This session, which will be replicated in other G5 Sahel countries in 2017, targeted officials appointed to the national unit of the PCMS in Niamey, aiming to accompany them in the implementation of their activities so that they can fully play their role as a transmission belt between national security and justice services and the Regional Security Cooperation Platform, based in Nouakchott. 

In addition to the renovation of premises, and to providing office and computer equipment as well as internet connection, strengthening capacities in gathering and exchange of operational information is of crucial importance. Indeed, these fields constitute the core mandate of the national units of the Security Cooperation Platform, and contribute to enhance the cooperation between the G5 Sahel Member States. 

This first tutoring session focused on three main areas:

  • Exchanges on cross-cutting threats affecting the Sahelian region, particularly terrorism and the various forms of transnational organized crime;
  • The explanation of the mechanism designed by the G5 Sahel to face these threats and the importance of the PCMS as a regional cooperation framework; 
  • The role of the PCMS National Units within this framework.
Participants to the tutoring from the National Platform of the PCMS in Niamey

This tutoring enabled the staff of the PCMS in Niger to better grasp its role and situate its responsibilities within the G5 Sahel PCMS' vast program of regional cooperation.

UNODC has been working closely with the G5 Sahel since its creation in 2014. It participated in the drafting of the agreement on the organization and operation of its PCMS and also took part in the renovation and equipment of its premises in each of the five Member States. In November 2015, the Ministers of Security of the G5 Sahel Member States signed an agreement creating a regional mechanism for police and judicial co-operation, entitled the "Security Cooperation Platform of the G5 Sahel"- PCMS.

In January 2017, and at the request of the same Ministers, UNODC submitted to this organization a support programme for the Platform. The program focuses on strengthening the capacities of local justice and security services to address cross-cutting threats to the region, particularly terrorism and transnational organized crime. This support is provided under the Sahel Programme, UNODC's contribution to the United Nations Integrated Strategy for the Sahel

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