Senegal: Magistrates and investigators trained on the financing of terrorism

   This activity was funded thanks to the support of Luxembourg

As part of UNODC's continuous support to West and Central African States, and upon the request of Senegalese authorities, UNODC organized a training workshop on the investigation and prosecution of the financial aspects of terrorism. The workshop took place from 16 to 18 August 2017 in Dakar and brought together 24 law enforcement and criminal justice officials. The training was opened by high-ranking officials from the Gendarmerie, the Ministry of Justice and the diplomatic representation of Luxembourg, which funded this activity.

The workshop was organized as a response to Senegal's growing need for a strengthened capacity to address the financing of terrorism. While the threat of terrorism has grown and spread within the region, the ways through which it operates vary, and the means to counter it evolve. Even though Senegal has not yet had to face a terrorist attack, the country has been dealing with a rapidly growing number of terrorism-related cases and of suspects currently being investigated and held on terrorist charges. In this context, strengthening Senegal's capacity to tackle the financing of terrorism contributes to the country's terrorism prevention efforts.


The objective of this training was to expand the knowledge-base of law enforcement and criminal justice officials involved in the investigation and prosecution of terrorism financing cases by adopting a participative and proactive methodology. This allowed for quality interactions between participants as well as reflections and discussions relevant to the local context. Additionally, participants gained a better understanding of the different tools, mechanisms, structures and actors involved in the investigation and prosecution of terrorism related cases. The training also contributed to the identification of possible collaborations between the relevant units involved or concerned by the financial aspect of terrorism-related cases in Senegal. 

This activity anchors itself in UNODC's Regional Programme for West Africa, which serves as a framework for the delivery of technical and legislative assistance tailored to the growing needs of Senegal's criminal justice system in a human-rights compliant manner.

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