Train the trainer workshop on investigation and prosecution of terrorism cases in Niger and Mali

    This activity was financed by Germany and the Kingdom of Denmark

From 23 to 26 January UNODC organized in Niamey, Niger a 4-day training of trainers on investigation and prosecution of terrorism cases for 11 instructors at police and gendarmerie national training institutes. A similar workshop has been organized from 30 January to 2 February in Bamako, Mali with 13 instructors. The train the trainers sessions follow a sub-regional meeting held in Bamako in August 2017 which brought together the heads of law enforcement and judicial training institutes and permanent instructors of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. Together they agreed on the need of having a training curriculum on terrorism prevention.

The workshops are part of a Counter-Terrorism project, funded by Germany, that aims to reinforce the training delivered to law enforcement and criminal justice officials and students in Niger and Mali by national training institutions in the areas of trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, counterterrorism, and corruption.  The purpose is to strengthen their capacity to deal with cases relating to these matters once in office. Training materials are adjusted to Niger and Mali priorities and incorporated into the relevant national curricula. The instructors working in these training institutes received a training on how to deliver the new curriculum on terrorism prevention.


During the training, participants gained a better understanding of the terrorist threat in Niger and Mali, increased their understanding of the legal framework in the fight against terrorism, and were acquainted with special investigative techniques such as crime scene management or post-blast investigations. They also received a thorough overview of the different mechanisms shaping international judicial cooperation in terrorism related cases. The workshop aims at having well-trained national instructors ensuring a continuous transmission of knowledge and expertise on terrorism prevention.  

In Niger the training institutes have already initiated courses on terrorism prevention based on the curriculum provided by UNODC. In Mali instructors have decided to organize a joint teaching programme with trainers from the gendarmerie and the police.

The workshops were funded by Denmark and the training material as well as initial training work were funded by Germany. The project is part of UNODC Sahel Programme, the Regional Programme for West Africa (2016-2020), and the Regional Strategy for Combating Trafficking in Person and Smuggling of Migrants (2015-2020).

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