UNODC strengthens strategic capacities and training curricula of Police and Gendarmerie Schools

    This activity was funded by the Netherlands and Germany

Criminal justice chain actors play a leading role in the fight against trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, particularly in the Sahel region, where these phenomena have continued to grow. As such, experience in recent years has shown that strengthening the operational capacities of law enforcement officers, by supporting curricula of national training schools, is among the most sustainable solutions to efficiently fight against regional criminal networks.

To this end, a training of trainers' workshop on trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants was organized from 2 to 5 April 2018 in Niamey, for instructors from Police and Gendarmerie schools of Niger.

The workshop trained 24 instructors, including 3 women, on what was expected of police and gendarmerie officers when handling offences relating to trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, including the taking care of victims. The aim of the training workshop is to ensure that instructors share this knowledge as part of the initial and/or continuing training they provide to law enforcement officers in school.

        participants of the Forum
Participants during the workshop

This activity encourages the sharing of knowledge, experiences and lessons learned between instructors working in both schools (Police and Gendarmerie) and within specialized units. Led by an international expert, the participants resolved a practical case on transnational organized crime, trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, relying on the training manuals developed by UNODC and on national and international normative texts.

This activity was supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands within the framework of the PROMIS project, which aims to strengthen the capacities of West African States to develop a human rights-based response to the smuggling of migrants.  

During the closing ceremony, UNODC offered educational material (computers and video projectors) to the National School of Police and Continuing Education (ENP/FP) as well as the School of the National Gendarmerie (EGN) This donation was made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the Federal Republic of Germany.

This activity is part of the Regional Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants (2015-2020) and the UNODC Regional Programme for West Africa (2016-2020).

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