UNODC and the G5 Sahel strengthen their partnership

This meeting was organized thanks to the support from Denmark, Japan, and the Netherlands

UNODC and the G5 Sahel agreed, during a joint meeting organized in Nouakchott on 18 July 2018, to strengthen their cooperation in the areas of security and justice including through continued UNODC support towards the empowerment of the PCMS and towards operationalizing the police component of the G5 Sahel Joint Force. Possible future assistance to new G5 Sahel structures, including the Regional Police Academy, the Defense and Security Bureau and the Sahelian Center for Threat Analysis and Early Warning (CSAMAP) was also discussed.

Support in the opening of three new Joint Airport Interdiction Task Forces (JAITF), in N'Djamena (Chad), Nouakchott (Mauritania), Agadez (Niger), as part of the AIRCOP program, as well as support for the regional cell to prevent radicalization and violent extremism (CellRad) in the implementation of its programs against violent extremism were also examined.

Opening statements

This meeting was jointly organized by the two organizations at the G5 Sahel headquarters in Nouakchott. This meeting was chaired by Mr Maman Sidikou, Permanent Secretary of G5 Sahel and Mr Pierre Lapaque, UNODC Regional Representative for West and Central Africa, and concluded with the validation of a road map, updating the assistance provided by UNODC to the G5 Sahel.

During the meeting, the G5 Sahel and UNODC also agreed to collaborate in the development of programs contributing to the implementation of the "security" axis and the justice aspects of the Priority Investment Program (PIP). The UNODC delegation took advantage of this trip to meet with other technical and financial G5 Sahel partners, such as the European Union and the German agency GIZ, to ensure complementarity and harmony between the various assistance proposed to G5 Sahel and avoid redundancies.

UNODC, through its  Sahel Programme and its diverse expertise, aims to promote capacity building in the fight against terrorism and transnational organized crime of the authorities of the region through accessible, effective and accountable criminal justice systems. The partnership between UNODC and the G5 Sahel is made possible through the support of Denmark, Japan and the Netherlands.

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