Cabo Verdean authorities successfully seized more than two tons of cocaine in operation at sea

Cabo Verde faces many challenges by being geographically located between South America and Europe, strategically placed on the infamous cocaine route. Like other West African countries, it is essentially a drug transit country between the two continents. However, the Government of Cabo Verde has already made great progress in the fight against drugs and related crimes. In this sense, a new National Integrated Programme (NIP) to combat drugs and related crimes (2018 - 2023) is being implemented, with the support of UNODC. Since 2006, UNODC has been providing technical assistance to build strong institutions in Cabo Verde that are able to combat transnational organized crime in order to promote peace and security as key drivers of sustainable development.

On August 3 rd, Cabo Verde's judicial police seized over 2 tons of cocaine (2. 256, 27 kg) in a joint operation at sea with the National Coast Guard - with the collaboration of the Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre - Narcotics (MAOC - N), the Federal Police of Brazil and the support of the National Police. The drug was seized on a vessel called PERPETUO SOCORRO DE ABAETE II. Five Brazilian citizens were detained and presented to the competent judicial authorities.

On August 7 th, just four days after the seizure, Cabo Verdean authorities performed the destruction operation, to which UNODC was invited to participate. This operation reveals the efficiency and seriousness of judicial proceedings being adopted by the authorities in Cabo Verde. 

Incineration of the seized drugs - 07 August 2019

UNODC's support to the Government of Cabo Verde is made possible through the UNODC Project Office in Praia (POCV) and is part of the UNODC Regional Programme for West Africa (2016-2020). The results obtained so far enable the country to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specially SDGs 3 and 16.

UNODC's efforts have been focused in supporting the local authorities in strengthening the national legal framework to tackle drug trafficking and organized crime as well as training law enforcement with a special focus on international judicial cooperation. This operation comes just six months after the 9.5 tons of cocaine seizure in February 2019 - the biggest one in Cabo Verde's history - revealing not only positive results for the country, but its commitment to continue increasing the national capacity to fight the threats that drugs and crime represent for the country and for the region.

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