Takorama: Online Film Festival helps students get involved with UNODC values during COVID 19 


Takorama is a worldwide online film festival created by the Films pour Enfants Association and sponsored by the Education for Justice initiative, offering fun, age-appropriate short-films set to music.  One of the festival’s objectives is to ensure that teachers and students stay in touch during the COVID-19 lockdown and ensure that learning never stops. Young children and teenagers being homeschooled during the coronavirus (COVID 19) disease outbreak are spending more time than usual on the Internet in these unprecedented times. To make that time more entertaining and educational an online film festival has been launched especially for them, their parents and teachers from 24th April to 24th May 2020. 

All teachers can register his or her class to participate in the festival and share the festival videos with his/her students; each child at home can then vote for his or her favourite film, give his or her opinion and share it with others. Parents can also register their children.

All the films address the values of solidarity, tolerance, respect, empathy and sustainable development, which are also at the core of UNODC’s Education for Justice (E4J) initiative and have been given the seal of approval by Serge Tisseron, the renowned psychoanalyst and psychiatrist focusing on youth and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The E4J initiative aims at equipping children with skills such as conflict resolution, critical thinking, empathy and teamwork, and to promote and teach values such as acceptance, fairness, integrity and respect. 

Takorama offers 5 categories of films for ages 3+, 6+, 9+, 12+ and 15+

The aim is to empower young people to become socially responsible global citizens with a sound ethical and moral compass, who are prepared to tackle the world’s challenges related to the rule of law.  

To this end UNODC’s Education 4 Justice develops and provides various age-appropriate pedagogical tools, including a fun corner and videos on UNODC mandates accompanied by teacher’s guides.


A still from one of the short films for ages 15+ 

For more information:

- The film festival goes on from 24 April to 24 May 2020
- All films are free to watch here 
- Films for children/youth aged 3-17: There are 5 categories of films for ages 3+, 6+, 9+, 12+ and 15+