Capacity-building training for Quranic teachers on human trafficking 


MBOUR    More than forty religious school teachers participated in a workshop on ending forced child begging and exploitation in Senegal, organized by UNODC. 

In the framework of a USAID-funded project on eradicating forced child begging in Senegal, workshops were held in Mbour, Senegal from 21-22 and 28-29 April for 43 Quranic teachers on the basic concepts of trafficking in persons, the most prevalent forms of exploitation in Senegal.

The workshops also focused on the successful initiatives that are taking place in some local municipalities in Dakar. 

43 religious school teachers attended the UNODC workshop 

During four days, the participants were given resources and information on how and why they should combine forces to eradicate one of the most prevalent forms of child exploitation in Senegal. 

Religious schools in Senegal combine teaching with begging, forcing their students to beg in the street in order to collect money for the schools.

The 43 teachers designed action plans for the next six months.

Imam Lo, a Quranic teacher from Ouakam said, ‘Forced child begging could be ended long time ago if all the organizations working on the issue behave like you. Your approach is very inclusive and very respectful towards the Quranic teachers. No one can end this practice without including or ignoring us!”

Another Quranic teacher, Imam Gaye from Fass Mbao said: “Teaching the Koran without begging is what all Quranic teachers dream of but if they are not supported by the government or the community it will be impossible for them to avoid sending the kids in the streets. The importance of your project lies in the fact that you have helped organized the community to support Daaras. This is the solution.”

At the end of the workshops, the teachers agreed to share the information with their peers and join forces as a network to put an end to forced child begging themselves.

UNODC reiterated its commitment to accompany them and will distribute food and hygiene kits to some Daaras and Ndeyou Daaras in five local municipalities in Dakar.

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