UNODC encouraging more women to pursue careers and studies in Cyber


UNODC’s Global Program on Cybercrime in West Africa has launched a new initiative to encourage more women to pursue careers and studies in cyber. The initiative, Africa Women in Cyber Professional Network, brings together women in all levels of their careers, from students to judges, and from multiple African countries, including Nigeria and Cape Verde. The first meeting-ever was held online in September, with the participation of women working in counter cybercrime work, information technology, and cybersecurity.  

“Encouraging and supporting women to follow careers in counter cybercrime, cybersecurity, and computer science is critical to a nation’s development. UNODC’s work in this area will help countries reach the Sustainable Development Goals,” says Regional Director, Dr. Amado Philip de Andrés.

UNODC’s Global Program on Cybercrime in West Africa plans to host monthly meetings to encourage networking and communication between these women, and to help foster more mentoring and career support.

During the first meeting, Carmen Corbin, from UNODC’s Global Program on Cybercrime, discussed challenges she faced as a lawyer and cybercrime prosecutor, and how networks like this helped her navigate her career. “It is critical that we surround ourselves with a network of talented women from all stages and sectors of the profession, to help each other grow in the field,” said Ms. Corbin.

The regional initiative is part of ongoing efforts by the Cybercrime program to increase the participation of women in cyber.