UNODC “Paints the Town” in Senegal for Cyber Safety Campaign

2021-30-11  In October, UNODC’s Global Program on Cybercrime in West and Central Africa launched a new cyber safety awareness campaign in Senegal, with hopes of reaching a wide audience in the country. The program commissioned the painting of five large “graffiti art” murals in multiple towns in Senegal. The murals, painted by graffiti artist Mamadou Atibou Diallo, will convey specific messages on cyber safety and the risks people face online. Two murals are planned for Dakar, and the first has been completed and is located in the neighborhood of Yeumbeul Sud. Three additional murals will be painted in the coming months in Thies, Kaolack and Saint Louis.

“UNODC in West and Central Africa strives to work with our local partners to bring in youth and civil society programs to develop better, more practical solutions to the growing challenge of cybercrime,” states Regional Director, Dr. Amado Philip de Andrés.

UNODC’s Global Program on Cybercrime in West Africa continues to promote messages of cyber safety and cybersecurity across the region. The graffiti art installations will be placed in public spaces and busy areas, where many people will have the opportunity to see the murals and their messages. Carmen Corbin, from UNODC’s Global Program on Cybercrime, explains that “we hope these paintings will cause people of all ages to stop, look and think about their own safety online, and the safety of others.” This project was funded by the United States.