UNODC supports Senegalese authorities in the development of their national counter-terrorism strategy 

SOMONE. The UNODC's Terrorism Prevention Branch, in partnership with the Inter-Ministerial Coordination Framework for Counter-Terrorism Operations (CICO), organized an "Intersectoral Consultative Meeting on the Development of a National Strategy to Prevent and Combat Terrorism" from May 16-20, 2022, in the presence of several focal points of government entities.

This meeting is part of the support program for the West Africa Working Group (WAWG) of the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum (GCTF), funded by Germany. The fifth day was devoted to a bilateral meeting between UNODC/TPB and the Inter-Ministerial Framework for Coordination of Counter-Terrorism Operations (CICO) to discuss results and next steps.  It follows a first meeting held in October 2021 in Saly during which the actors present recommended adopting this inclusive approach to support the development of the national strategy.

The objectives of the meeting were to exchange best practices in the development of a national strategy, to facilitate the sharing of experiences from other countries in the region, to benefit from national contributions to strengthen knowledge of security issues in the region, and to develop a better understanding of the risks and vulnerabilities facing the Senegalese state: assessing the threat to Senegal and the geopolitical context. Discussions at the meeting highlighted a series of challenges facing Senegal and several good practices that could help develop a comprehensive and relevant national strategy in response to the growing threat of terrorism.

In this context, Dr. Amado Philip de Andrés, UNODC Regional Director for West and Central Africa, said: "Senegal has not yet recorded any terrorist attacks on its soil, but the country is evolving in an unstable environment and must be able to anticipate the threat. The development of a national counter-terrorism strategy is very timely and will have the full support of UNODC”. Participants were given the opportunity to provide additional comments or recommendations to the UNODC team. The group discussions on the development of a national strategy were of great interest and helped identify priorities and guidelines for the development of Senegal's future national counter-terrorism strategy.