The Global Programme on Cybercrime hosts first ever ‘Women in Cyber’ summit

From the 26 to the 28 of October 2022, The UNODC Global Programme on Cybercrime will hold its first-ever Women in Cyber summit in Bangkok, Thailand. Over 40 women from Africa and Southeast Asia working in Cyber-related fields will converge in Bangkok to network and exchange experiences on topics related to women’s roles and leadership in cyber.

The summit aims to create an interactive platform for experience sharing between women from two different continents and contexts but with similar professional backgrounds and interests: Cyber. The women from Africa particularly are part of the UNODC Women in Cyber networking group. A network made of women practicing different careers in the cyber fields who meet monthly to exchange career growth experiences. (Interested in joining the Africa Women in Cyber networking group? Click this link to register!)

Participants invited to this summit come from diverse backgrounds, including IT experts, digital forensics experts and investigators, cyber-law experts as well as law enforcement officers, judges and prosecutors. They will all play key roles in the summit, either as speakers or panelists, sharing their experiences and creating space for dialogue on common experiences as women in the cyber field. The summit will cover several topics through panel discussions and mentoring sessions on:

  • Challenges for women in cybersecurity and counter-cybercrime work
  • National Cyber Policies: Adopted policies, progresses and setbacks in gender mainstreaming
  • Mentorship Session on Cryptocurrencies
  • Gender-based Violence Against Women Online and Online Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Women Leadership in Cyber
  • Communication and social media roles 
  • Women in Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism AML/CFT

It is estimated that about 20% of women in Africa and about 23% in Southeast Asia work in STEM-related fields. UNODC aims to create a professional network that empowers women already in the field while supporting them to empower others in their respective countries. At the end of this summit, UNODC hopes to have created a network of women who will go on to impact the cyber field in their various countries by empowering other women and girls interested in cyber