ECOWAS Support Project



The eLearning project (distance learning) of the ECOWAS program aims to build the capacity and improve Law Enforcement Officer's knowledge on all UNODC mandates. This programme consists in deploying 8 Mobile Training Units (MTUs) in five selected countries: Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal, Togo and Guinea Bissau. An MTU is a set of laptops with all the training modules already loaded in them which can be carried in 2 transportation boxes and deployed anywhere as a mobile training room.


Country Assessment missions to identify the local infrastructures that could host the MTUs

Donation of Mobile Training Units to the selected countries

Training of Trainers who will organize new trainings using the MTUs

Training of Law Enforcement Officers on several modules according to their occupation and to their mandate

Promotion of the eLearning plateform to others Programmes of the Regional office

Registration and management of users on the online eLearning platform



Training Resources and modules

More than 100 Modules in English on many subjects as diverse as land border control techniques, controlled deliveries, drug trafficking and organized crime, Crime Scene Investigation, clandestine laboratories, Smuggling of Migrants, etc. 

Some modules related to drug trafficking and organized crime are being translated in French and Portuguese.


Online Platform

More than 400 courses available in English and in 16 other languages.  



Partners: Police, Gendarmerie, Customs, National Drug Enforcement Agencies




Collaboration with the e-Learning Programme:

Delivery of Online Training

Establishment of National eLearning Centres

Production & Delivery of Mobile Training Units

Production of Modules & Localizations

Delivery of 25 Courses in Various Thematic Areas and Languages


To obtain one of these services, please contact the Global eLearning programme.