ECOWAS Support Project



The purpose of this project is to strengthen the capacity of ECOWAS and its Member States and Mauritania to take sustainable actions against drug trafficking, drug abuse and transnational organized crime. It aims to reinforce simultaneously at regional and national levels the response to drug trafficking, related organized crime and drug abuse in the region.

  The EU fully funded the Project Support to ECOWAS Regional Action Plan on illicit drug trafficking, organized crime related to it and drug abuse in West Africa. 
    The ECOWAS Commission is in a partnership with UNODC for the implementation of the project


    UNODC, in close cooperation with ECOWAS, conducts activities in the areas of drug abuse prevention and drug dependence treatment, legislative development, forensics, and drug law enforcement in a number of ECOWAS Member States. 


Magistrates and gendarmes better prepared to deal with methamphetamine trafficking in Burkina Faso

UNODC and MINUSMA deliver training on techniques against international drug trafficking in Mali

UNODC trains 15 trainers to step up the fight against international drug trafficking in Niger

The ECOWAS Project supports the establishment of an information platform on drug use in West Africa

UNODC trains more than 30 specialists to fight Methamphetamine trafficking in Ivory Coast

UNODC trains Law Enforcement Officers on the operational techniques of interdiction in port areas in Benin and Togo