World Day against Trafficking in Persons: Nigerian liaison magistrates close the gap between EU and Africa in prosecuting human trafficking cases


On the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, UNODC recognizes the important contribution of the Liaison Magistrate Initiative and of the Nigerian prosecutors deployed in Europe to strengthen judicial cooperation on trafficking cases. The initiative has been contributing to accompany victims and to tackle the impunity of human traffickers. The theme of this year’s World Day Against Trafficking in Persons focuses on the first responders working on the front lines to end human trafficking. Read more


COVID-19: UNODC supports Senegalese law enforcement agents in their efforts to protect the population during the pandemic


Law enforcement officers in Senegal have had a very sensitive and important role since the state of emergency was declared on 23 March. While on the one hand they must support communities during the COVID-19 pandemicby enforcing essential health and safety measures at the national and local levels, their role as first-line responders also exposes them to a high risk of contamination, particularly since 4 June with the announcement of the easing of the curfew. Read more