Over the past few years, West Africa has become an increasingly important venue for international drug trafficking and organized crime. Since 2006, 20‐40 tons of cocaine per year have been transiting through the region en route to Europe. With 20 tons valued at approximately US$ 1 billion on the wholesale market - a sum higher than the GDP of some West African countries ‐ the criminal behavior and corruption that travel alongside the cocaine are seriously affecting the security of the countries in the region.

UNODC works with Member States to enhance the core capacities of law enforcement agencies to identify and address drug and precursor trafficking transnationally through:

  • Strengthening systems in order to better gather information and develop intelligence
  • Enhancing knowledge and skills to investigation, case preparation and prosecution
  • Improving interdiction capacity through training programmes
  • Enhancing capabilities to identify, profile and share information

Additional Information:

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