Senegal assesses its national anti-corruption legislation's compliance with the UNCAC, with the support of UNODC 

This activity was funded by Norway

On 17 April 2015, Senegal finalized the preparatory work for the self-assessment of its national anti-corruption legislation in the context of the review mechanism of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). With the support of UNODC, members of the National Office for the Fight against Fraud and Corruption (OFNAC) met regularly in Dakar since 24 March 2015, with representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, oversight institutions, civil society and other stakeholders in Senegal.

OFNAC members, ministerial representatives and civil society actors during the legislative self-assessment

The participants examined the provisions on preventive measures, criminalization, law enforcement, international cooperation and asset recovery provided in Chapters II, III, IV and V of the Convention. They examined all these provisions in comparison with the national Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code and other national anti-corruption laws. They identified several legislative gaps, for example, regarding corruption in the private sector, or the liability of legal persons, among other deficits in the implementation of the Convention.

At the opening, the OFNAC President recalled that the "Convention, which is the international standard of reference, was ratified [by Senegal] on 25 November 2005". She clarified that self-assessment helps "uncover our weaknesses and shortcomings and measure the gaps between our texts and the international standard of reference" and enables "identifying priority reforms to be considered" before concluding that "fortunately, in a context marked by strong political will to fight corruption and unprecedented civic engagement for the introduction of transparency, detection of weaknesses is undoubtedly a step towards effective solutions." This workshop was made possible thanks to the contribution from Norway.

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