UNODC supports Senegal in strengthening its criminal law response to terrorism

7-8 April 2021

DAKAR   While not living under a constant terrorist threat, Senegal seeks to develop its terrorism prevention measures. It is in this context that UNODC, through its Terrorism Prevention Branch in the Regional Office for West and Central Africa, supported the Government of Senegal in a consultative meeting on legislation on criminal response to terrorism that was held in Dakar on 7 and 8 April 2021.

This activity was held under the aegis of the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum West Africa Working Group (GCTF WA WG), funded by Germany which is also the co-chair along with Algeria.

West Africa is currently facing a growing and highly adaptive terrorist threat. Despite regional efforts to combat this threat, terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and Islamic State have consolidated their territorial presence in some parts of West Africa.

Senegal already has a relatively rich anti-terrorist legislative framework, including provisions for criminalising terrorist acts, and combating terrorist financing. However, it is crucial that the adaptation of the legislative framework to the evolution of the terrorist threat remains a priority for Senegal.

The consultative meeting that was supported by UNODC aimed to help strengthen anti-terrorist legislation that would allow for better internal and international cooperation in the prevention and repression of terrorist acts. In particular, the meeting aimed to support Senegal in the drafting of a workplan that would address police cooperation, the “judiciarisation” of intelligence and the admissibility of passengers' information into evidence for terrorism-related cases.

This activity is part of the project in support of the GCTF West Africa Working Group programme, funded by the Federal Republic of Germany.