EU-Nigeria-UNODC-CTED Partnership Project II: Assisting Nigeria to strengthen rule of law-based criminal justice responses to terrorism


Project duration: May 2016 - October 2017

EC Contribution: €4.500.000


The EU-Nigeria-UNODC-CTED Partnership Project II: Assisting Nigeria to strengthen rule of law-based criminal justice responses to terrorism is the second phase of the EU-UNODC partnership to support Nigeria to bring terrorists to justice and to prevent terrorist acts, through human rights-compliant criminal justice measures against terrorism.  

This initiative builds on the recently concluded 1.7 million euro European Union-funded EU-Nigeria-UNODC-CTED partnership programme which provided specialized training to some 750 Nigerian officials, including in-depth training to select groups of Nigerian investigators, legal advisors, and prosecutors.

The programme focuses on further strengthening the capacity of Nigerian criminal justice officials to effectively investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate terrorism cases, in accordance with the rule of law and human rights.  It was designed and is being implemented in close consultation with Nigerian counterparts, ensuring it fully responds to the priority needs of Nigeria.  

The programme will partner with the Department of State Services, Federal Ministry of Justice, Federal High Court, National Judicial Institute, National Planning Commission, Nigeria Police Force, Nigerian Bar Association, and  Office of National Security Adviser, amongst others, to deliver in-depth training and on-going advisory support. 


UNODC's Global Counter-Terrorism Assistance Programme

The Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB) of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is the key United Nations entity with the mandate and expertise to deliver counter-terrorism legal technical assistance to Member States for the ratification, legislative incorporation and implementation of the international legal instruments against terrorism. Specifically the Branch works to:

  • Promote the ratification of the  19 international legal instruments against terrorism
  • Support the drafting and review of national legislation in order to incorporate the provisions of these international legal instruments;
  • Build the capacity of national criminal justice officials to implement these provisions; and
  • Support regional and international cooperation in criminal matters pertaining to counter-terrorism, especially mutual legal assistance and extradition.


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UNODC Country Office Nigeria  

Laurentiu Dumitrica

Project Coordinator Terrorism Prevention

Tel:+ 234 (0) 907 224 8482