Implementation Review Group of the United Nations Convention against Corruption

In its resolution 3/1, the Conference adopted the terms of reference of the Mechanism for the Review of Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, and in accordance with article 42 of the terms of reference of the review mechanism, established the Implementation Review Group as an open-ended intergovernmental group of States parties, which operates under the authority of and report to the Conference. The functions of the Implementation Review Group are to have an overview of the review process in order to identify challenges and good practices and to consider technical assistance requirements in order to ensure effective implementation of the Convention.

In its resolution 4/1, the Conference endorsed the guidelines for governmental experts and the secretariat in the conduct of country reviews and the blueprint for country review reports as finalized by the Group at its first session and the practice followed by the Group with regard to the procedural issues arising from the drawing of lots.

The Group meets two times a year in Vienna.

IRG Resolutions

Resolution 1/1