A Successful Piloting: Over 600 School Students Graduate the Line Up Live Up Programme in Fergana Valley

28-29 January, 2020, Fergana valley, Uzbekistan - Over 600 students, boys and girls, from 18 schools in Andijan, Namangan and Fergana cities enhanced valuable life skills, such as resisting social pressures to engage in delinquency, coping with anxiety, and communicating effectively with peers, through a set of interactive and fun exercises as a part of the Line Up Live Up Programme (LULU) of the Global Programme for Implementation of Doha Declaration.  UNODC ROCA in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan conducted graduation ceremonies for the LULU participants.

"Our President sets the goal to reduce crime among young people through the application of international evidence-based experience. This programme fully complies with these requirements. The programme is piloted in close cooperation with UNODC ROCA. The programme supports development of life skills through engaging with sport activities and prevent asocial behavior among children from 14 to 18 years old." - stated Mr. Akbar Tagaev, National Coordinator from the Ministry of Public Education, at the graduation ceremony

"An initial analysis of the results of the piloting showed that the global initiative met all the expectations that we had placed on it, in particular, children became more involved in sports, strengthened solidarity between classmates. Students themselves highly appreciated the programme and expressed the opinion that they learned to say "NO" to the negative influence of peers. Based on the results of piloting, the programme will be finally expertized and scaled up to other regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan." - added mr. Tagaev.

Bakhrombek, a 16-years old student, School #23, Andijan city, reflecting on his participation to the Line Up Live Up programme says "This program has helped me raise my self-esteem. I learned how to set goals for the future. The program also motivated me to study. I used to skip classes very often and did not show interest in school lessons. So now, after participation in the program, I set the goal to myself - to enter a higher educational institution."

The programme was well received by teachers as well. Ms. Lilya Objigailo, Teacher, School #24, Andijan city, states that the Line Up Live Up Programme has raised high interest among students. They learned to express their opinion, to work in teams and to support each other. I use the participatory elements of the methodology of the programme in other lessons with other classes. I see that such new approaches give its positive results and all school students are happy to be part of the Line Up Live Up.

Furthermore, teachers reported positive impact of Line Up Live Up programme in promoting gender equality and mutual respect. The programme brings together boys and girls and serves as a friendship "bridge" between them whilst empowers girls and promotes their active participation in sports. 

The Line Up Live Up Porgramme  UNODC's evidence-informed and sports-based life skills training curriculum has been designed as a unique tool that transfers the accumulated expertise of the United Nations and other partners in implementing life skills training for crime and drug use prevention with the aim to support the implementation of the Doha Declaration. Uzbekistan is one of 12 pilot countries where the Line Up Live Up Programme (LULU) is implemented since October 2019. Until today 37 secondary level educators - sport coaches, social support teachers and psychologists from Fergana Valley and Tashkent city have received training on the Line Up Live Up curriculum to training students in the schools and other settings of their work.


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