Helping Uganda's Youth to "Line Up, Live Up" and Build Resilience Through Sports

23 February 2018 - In its ongoing efforts to reduce the risk of anti-social behaviour amongst its large youth population, and to help young people stay away from crime and drug use, Uganda has partnered with UNODC to use sports and physical education to that end. Preparations have started with a programming mission last week, piloting UNODC's evidence-informed life skills training " Line Up, Live Up", with the support of key Ugandan government and civil society actors.

For example, the Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL ) , an NGO that works with disadvantaged youth aged 10-24 in marginalized communities around the country, is ready to deploy new prevention practices such as UNODC's special life skills training curriculum. 

During the visit of UNODC's Johannes De Haan to Kampala, UYDEL social workers Moses Kinobi and Edith Nakasolya demonstrated one of the "Line Up, Live Up" sessions addressing positive and negative peer pressure, and ways to resist the latter. Ms. Nakasolya noted that "compared to counselling sessions, this training programme is considered exciting by the youth and the activities help create trust amongst the participants, and between them and the coaches."  Mr. Kinobi concurred, adding: "Young people love sports, and this program helps them to open-up. Youth learn to say what they want and what they do not want."

Working in close cooperation with Uganda's Ministry of Education and Sport, other UN partners like UNESCO, and non-governmental actors, UNODC will build the capacity of sport coaches and social workers to incorporate "Line Up, Live Up" sessions in their programmes in the months to come.

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