UNODC launches 'know your rights' campaign targeting 100,000 Somalilanders

UNODC Litigants'Charter Advocacy Campaign will sensitize 100,000 Somalilanders on their legal rights and the formal justice system during a 10 -week tour comprising 1,000 community meetings in schools, market places and IDP camps. The campaign, delivered in partnership with the ministry of Justice, will use 50 powerful and culturally appropriate cartoon messages. These images, all displayed in the link below, have been printed onto thousand of T-shirts, school notebooks, fabric shopping bags and posters, to convey the key messages, and will serve as a powerful reminder to Somalilanders to trust and to use the formal justice system.


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UNODC support to Somaliland Women's Lawyers' Association - Interview with Ruqiya Yusuf, Executive Director of SWLA

In 2014, UNODC and SWLA have partnered up in the delivery of a 'know your rights' legal awareness campaign to 100,000 Somalilanders, which will increase trust and understanding in Somaliland's formal justice system. See for the full write-up. This complements prior UNODC/SWLA collaboration, for example UNODC's provision of legal aid training to female lawyers, thereby improving the quality of legal aid provision to vulnerable women.