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National Council on the Administration of Justice

Formed in 2011, the National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) is a statutory institution bringing together policy and decision makers from Kenya’s justice sector. The visionary intent of NCAJ, as stipulated in the constituting Judiciary Service Commission Act, is aligned on access to justice and its efficient delivery to the public.

NCAJ is a high-level policy making, implementation and oversight coordinating mechanism as reflected in its membership that comprises State and non-State justice sector actors. It is formally required to hold at least four Council meetings per year.

NCAJ mandate:

  • To ensure a coordinated, efficient, effective and consultative approach in the administration of justice and reform of the justice system.

 Areas of cooperation

Achieving the desired outcomes of PLEAD partners will largely depend on the coordination role played by NCAJ. Through PLEAD, UNODC is assisting the NCAJ Secretariat and its various committees.

This support is intended to enhance the capacity of NCAJ to carry out its mandate and improve coherence, cooperation and collaboration within the justice sector, the main areas of cooperation are:

  • Supporting the staging of NCAJ Council meetings and technical committee meetings
  • Assisting NCAJ to develop and operationalize a Strategic Plan and to build a stronger identity
  • Formulating and applying a sector-wide National Strategy and Action Plan to reduce prison overcrowding
  • Developing protocols and tools for inter-agency coordination and cooperation, including data collection and reporting tools for CUCs
  • Developing templates for the collection and collation of statutory and management data on agreed areas such as sexual offenders, juveniles and single parents
  • Assisting NCAJ to develop key legislative changes on alternatives to imprisonment and to foster integrity in the criminal justice system

  • Designing and implementing a training programme for CUCs in PLEAD focal counties
  • Supporting CUCs in focal counties to conduct sensitization campaigns
  • Furnishing the NCAJ Secretariat office.