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The Judiciary

An independent custodian of justice in Kenya, the Judiciary is mandated to deliver justice in line with the Constitution and other laws, and to exercise Judicial authority given to it by the people of Kenya. The Judiciary is expected to resolve disputes in a just and expeditious manner with a view to protecting the rights and liberties of all.

It consists of the Judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Courts, Magistrates and technical, administrative and support staff.

Judiciary of Kenya mission:

  • To administer justice in a fair, timely, accountable and accessible manner, uphold the rule of law, advance indigenous jurisprudence and protect the constitution.

Areas of cooperation

Through PLEAD, technical assistance from UNODC seeks to strengthen court administration and case management, thereby reducing the backlog of cases and improving the delivery of justice services. It also aims to promote the use of alternative justice and indigenous jurisprudence. Our main areas of cooperation with the Judiciary are:

  • Supporting the implementation of Kenya’s Sentencing Guidelines, intended to promote sentencing which is objective, impartial, accountable and transparent, and ensure consistency and uniformity – and to promote measures of alternatives to imprisonment
  • Helping to enhance the Judiciary Case Management System, which includes the automation of Registry Processes and capacity building of Court Registry Staff
  • Assisting with operationalizing Active Case Management, which is a practical method/guideline for all Officers of the Court to follow to ensure that matters are efficiently and expeditiously handled and disposed of
  • Supporting the development and implementation of a manual on Pro-Se Litigants (these are persons who appear before the Court, unrepresented – thus, a guideline on how the Court can support them to ensure their rights are upheld)
  • Supporting the development of an Alternative Justice System (AJS) Policy, which is key as many Kenyans utilize alternative and indigenous methods of disposal for matters
  • Assisting direct prison and remand release initiatives
  • Empowering customer care desks at court stations.



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