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Witness Protection Agency

Operating since 2008, the Witness Protection Agency (WPA) promotes the rule of law by offering witness protection services in Kenya. The WPA provides special protection to threatened or intimidated witnesses to ensure their security and welfare is guaranteed when testifying in court.

 WPA mandate:

  • To provide special protection, on behalf of the State, to persons in possession of important information and who are facing potential risk or intimidation due to their cooperation with prosecution and other law enforcement agencies.

Areas of cooperation

In consultation with WPA, technical assistance from UNODC seeks to enhance the quality and efficiency of the institution’s service delivery. The main areas of cooperation made possible with European Union funding through PLEAD are:

  • Developing standard operating procedures and policies for WPA in line with national legislation and international standards
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive training curriculum for protection officers, including formulating training manuals
  • Undertaking an equipment needs assessment and procuring vital witness protection equipment based on the findings

Contributing to raising awareness of the WPA mandate and services among other justice institutions and Kenyan citizens, for e.g. design and production of information and display materials.


WPA poster: Are you a threatened witness?