Supporting the EAPCCO Counter-Terrorism Centre

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Supporting the EAPPCO Regional Counter-Terrorism Centre of Excellence

As terrorist cells are operating across borders in and beyond Eastern African, to effectively counter the activities of these cells, synergy between and coordinated cooperation of the Member States of the region is crucial.

About the Programme

Following a request from the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCCO), UNODC has initiated assistance to the EAPCCO Regional Counter-Terrorism Centre of Excellence (CTCoE). UNODC is working in partnership with the Centre to provide technical and capacity building assistance and operational guidance in support of the full operationalization and functionalization of the Centre, so that it can serve a key function in enhancing regional knowledge, capacity and operations to prevent and counter violent extremism and terrorism in Eastern Africa. The direct beneficiaries of the program include national police agencies.




The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany



Activities of this project include supporting the Centre in its coordination and delivery of operational guidance and capacity building activities to law enforcement practitioners in EAPCCO Member States in order to enhance skills of individual criminal justice practitioners in detecting, preventing and investigating terrorism activities, to increase success and effectiveness in cross-border operations, to enhance police legitimacy across the region, and to produce quality relevant research and intelligence products to counter terrorism; as well as strengthening the research and analytical capability of the Centre; Refurbishment of the office space and providing necessary tools and equipment to enable the work of the Centre personnel; Capacity building at internal (in-house for Centre personnel, national and at the regional level; Continuously evaluating and reporting on the terrorism situation and trends in the region; Improving the visibility of the Centre at the regional level and internationally, and developing a dedicated website for the EAPCCO CTCoE.


As a result of the activities of the programme, expected achievements involve establishing the Centre as a credible knowledge hub on countering violent extremism and terrorism through research initiatives, publications and issue papers, as well as a Centre for coordination of regional terrorism-prevention activities.


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