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UNODC Youth was born after the first ever National Youth Conference on Good Governance, Integrity and Anti-Corruption on the in 5-7 December 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. The Youth Declaration prompted the development of a UNODC Regional Youth Programme for Eastern Africa.

Youth Events

Event Youth Crime Prevention through Sports Football Tournament

16 November 2019

Our Projects

We are currently implementing the following projects:

Education for Justice

This is an initiative that works with universities and secondary schools in Nairobi to promote the culture of lawfulness through Justice Clubs. This project addresses Crime Prevention, Anti-corruption, Prevention of Violent Extremism and Anti-trafficking.

Preventing Violent Extremism for Children in Conflict with the Law

This project trains girls in rehabilitation home on life skills, entrepreneurship skills and provides peer-peer mentorship. It also focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration through education and community engagement.

Youth Crime Prevention through Sports

The initiative aims to promote sports and related activities to prevent crime and to effectively build resilience of at-risk youth. Strengthening the life skills of youth is a key objective in order to minimize risk factors and maximize protective factors related to crime, violence and drug use. By enhancing knowledge of the consequences of crime and substance abuse and developing life skills, the initiative seeks to positively influence behavior and attitudes of at-risk youth and prevent anti-social and risky behavior.

Urban Youth Crime Governance Audit

The Safety Governance Approach emphasises the need to adopt a strategic approach to urban safety and good governance based on an in-depth understanding of how a wider set of localised risk factors that lead to youth crime, including urban planning and environmental degradation, interact with illicit external flows to create conditions of insecurity, including different forms of ‘criminal governance’ that seek to subvert city and state governance.